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Technical Content Writer

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May 2, 2023
Special Requirements
  1. An IT career background is preferred.
  2. Experience as an IT project manager is given more preference.
Skill Requirements
  1. Ability to research and understand technology concepts and terminologies.
  2. Ability to produce compelling, well-researched, professionally written articles on a variety of topics for our tech clients.
  3. Ability to write professional content, distilling complex technical information into simple readable forms.
  4. Demonstrate a good flair and style in writing
  5. Experience writing in American English
  6. At least 3-4 years of experience in writing technical content such as tech blogs, articles on tech trends, website content for technology companies, etc.

*It is a remote working position.

*The candidate should be available for 8 hours of work in a day with a stable internet connection and laptop.

Key Job Requirements
  • Linguistic and strong grammatical skills in the English language
  • Strong skills to analyze and research on the topic for content development
  • Conscious about the requirements of Quality Content and target.
  • Creative approach along with good content editing skills.
  • Passionate and effective in conveying ideas to others.
  • Develop relevant content as per the work requirements.
  • Analyze the content and provide a summarized review (when needed).
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